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Friday, July 30, 2010

Case for the Defence

The 'Endless Trial' version of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning grabbed my interest of late, mostly because you get the first ten levels of gameplay totally gratis, but also because it's got a Mac client. This saves me all sorts of bother having to use Parallels just for a game (as I do when playing Blood Bowl).

The advertising tag of 'Forever. For Free' appears to have worked on me, at least, as Download it now I promptly did.

So I picked a server and, for a multitude of reasons, rolled a High Elven Swordmaster (who now, with all his PvP gear, looks awesome on the right in this screenie) I've always liked High Elves, the Swordmaster has always been my favourite HElf unit type, Mark Gibbons' original picture (below right, in his GW 'spiky period') is fabulous, I like the idea of wielding a six-foot long two-handed sword, I'm often a tank archetype in MMOs, all sorts of things.

So far, this Swordmaster has already reached his trial level cap (of 10) in the good-guys starting zone of Nordland, and now I'm venturing into something I've almost never really bothered - or enjoyed - doing: PvP, Player Vs Player.

In World of Warcraft I suffered in the fact that my Warrior archetype could take a fair amount of damage but not deal much out. That was all fine, as I was only slogging through the PvP for the neato shiny Stormwind armour rewards, so I could walk/fly around looking like a shiny golden General. In it for the costumes, you might say. My PvP record in City of Heroes, however, was P0 W0 D0 L0, as I simply didn't bother.

Stuck at Level 10, however, with no more experience gains allowed, my Swordmaster still felt the itch of battle, and the glint of shiny armour and weapon pieces that were better than what the Public Quests - which are excellent, by the way - drop was too much to bear.

To my surprise, I found myself for once near the top of the Damage (caused) charts, and near the bottom of the Deaths Suffered charts. My Swordmaster was slaying most of his foes left, right and centre, while standing up to pretty much everything except a direct, concentrated assault by three or more opponents when I had no support. A high DPS tank? Me likey.

So, Warhammer Online? Me likey. When I've levelled up a few more characters to the cap and capped my PvP renown level too, then I may be tempted to pay that just-under-a-tenner for a single month and see how far that gets me. As for now, my level 10 Swordmaster has the best gear he can possibly get, and has been kicking ass across the battlefields of the Old World. Next... a Witch Elf, Trollslayer or Bright Wizard? Hmm. All three.


  1. 'The case for Defense'? Are you a Karelan? :)

    Star Karelaing and me having double-digit XTSR scores? How can I get the flying pig crap away from my doorstep?

  2. He's a well armoured elven warrior-monk, wielding a two-handed sword that is longer than a man is tall.

    What's not to love?

  3. A monk even. Probably a monk of Karela. You are not helping your point here.

    And before you ask about the XTSR. In the first round of the rejistanian domestic cup, this happened:
    Kurui Kaletri (H4SR) 0-14 Najajara Ynu (0-14 agg)
    Najajara Ynu 2-0 Kurui Kaletri (H4SR) (16-0 agg)