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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Falling off a Blog

It's very easy, of course, to just sit here and type thoughts into the ether. Quite why it's so appealing, of course, is up for debate. We all think our opinions are worth everyone else hearing and conforming to, and this way lets us imagine everyone else is actually listening.

It's a two-way process, when it works correctly, and these are the people at, at the moment, that I listen to the most:

Tim Vickery blogs at the BBC website about South American football every Monday morning, and it's a very interesting read. I've heard Tim on the radio very late at night talking about what goes on down there, and his insights are fantastic. A good number of the BBC blogs are interesting - not just the sporting ones, of course - particularly BBC Political editor Nick Robinson, slowest man in the dry on the Top Gear track, and Mark Mardell's take on America, too.

Never miss film critic Mark Kermode and his take on a film, either. Whether the good Doctor likes a film or not, I can always discover whether it'll suit me, or not. There's no direct correlation (or inversion) between my views and his, but a better film critic I have yet to hear of. I also have to check George Martin's Not a Blog, as I'm always itching for news on when his next Song of Ice and Fire book is coming out (five years and counting...)

A completely different tack, which appeals to the comedy-godmode Nationstates roleplayer in me, is Back of the Net at Mark Watson's website. Ludicrous, brilliant, apt and occasionally thought-provoking. Today, Neil Warnock is Angry, by the way.

Looking For Group is my favourite webcomic to read, ahead of what was Turn Signals on a Land Raider, while TV Tropes is a source of fun, laughs, inspirations, warnings and, of course, is a massive time sink.

So, there you go, those are a good chunk of the websites that make up my internet time and inform, inspire and otherwise help along this piece of crap!

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