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Friday, July 30, 2010

Star, Push, Skull

This month, I are been mostly attempting to create a Blood Bowl League.

Down at Portal Wargaming Club, we've got a nice little community going on. Some of us have played only Blood Bowl of late, while others manage it with their 40k, Warhammer, Warmachine, Tragic:The Saddening and other nerdy habits.

We tried an Open, challenge-style League when back at GW, but that came to an abrupt end when the Veteran's Club closed down on Tuesday nights. Thankfully, down to some sterling work, a new club opened on Wednesday nights for us to get our gaming fix. My Human team, the Paravon Eagles, had 8 wins from 8 matches and I like to think they were the never-crowned League Champions, but that's for another brag in another blog.

Having been listening to the various Blood Bowl podcasts out there (Tackle Zone Radio, Three Die Block and Zlurpcast) we've got ourselves an itching for a proper League once more, so here's what we're going to do:

• Between 8-12 sign-ups, split into two or three divisions of 4 or 5 Coaches
• One team per Coach
• 1,100,000 Gold Piece starting Team Value
• Teams seeded 1st to 4th, 5th, etc. within each division based on experience
• Teams play to a schedule: they play each other once within their division, and their equal seeds in the other division(s)
• Top four (or eight) teams from across divisions go through to the playoffs.
• Coaches must play a minimum (barring exceptional circumstances) two games per month.

As Blood Bowl is always enlivened by a few House Rules, these are probably going to be ours:

• Skill Cap - you can only add a certain skill to your team a maximum of 4 times.
• MVP Selection - pick three of your players, and your opponent rolls a D3 to decide who gets it. Your MVP in one game cannot be selected for MVP in the following game.

I'm hoping that a small, quick(ish) League will be more likely to be successful (and of course completed) so we can get it under our collective belts before progressing onto something bigger and better. From tiny acorns does the might oak grow.

With Interest/Sign-ups beginning next Wednesday, ideally we can get the first matches ready for August the 25th. If only PWCBBL wasn't such a mouthful...

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