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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Virtual (U21) champions of the world

So Starblaydia's Under-21s have taken the junior World Cup for the second time in their history, which goes back more than a century. Now they're looking good to climb back up the world rankings at senior level, aiming to extend their record number of five World Cup trophies. It was the new manager that did it, or a talented and lucky influx of young players, or perhaps the cult following around the immortal Starblaydi ex-footballer who the Under-21 World Cup is now named after.

Or, perhaps, it was the random numbers falling my way, helped a long just a smidge by the forum-based roleplaying I was doing. I choose to believe one of the previous paragraph's answers.

It's all the fault of Nationstates and, directly, Aussie writer Max Barry. The little nation simulation game, where you answer daily issues about your virtual nation, has spawned a legion of forum-based roleplayers, and within said legion is a small but dedicated band who only really care about the fortunes of their sports teams. Politics? Pah! Wars? Schmaws! It's all about how many World Cups you've won and how high your KPB rank is, not your population, tax rates, military or Human Development Index score.

Yes, I am an online forum-based roleplayer of an imaginary nation, and I don't have a problem with that. Great way to start a blog, huh?

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