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Monday, August 16, 2010

Becks, Thugs, Blackpool Rock and Cole

Ahhh, Premiership, there you are! We've missed ya.

We've missed Championship-quality thugs deciding that the only way to get a hold of Birmingham City's midfield is to elbow, scissors-tackle and generally foul your way around the park for as long as you manage to stay on the pitch (42 minutes, in Lee Cattermole's case).

We've missed teams who are brand new to the Premier League having incredible first seasons, because none of the other 19 teams in the League have a clue who they're playing against other than a team of journeymen and old guys who used to play for Charlton and Blackburn. Despite probably challenging, somehow, for European places in their debut season, Blackpool will be in the relegation scrap next year once everyone figures out they're actually rubbish and end up just playing through them.

We've missed the real complaints about referees, where (looks like I'm picking on Sunderland today, but they deserve it) Steve Bruce can point out that the clash between our eventual 14th and 15th-placed teams was 'too big' for referee Anthony Taylor, despite each team preferring to kick the shins of the opposition, rather than the ball.

We've missed the debatable sendings off and the pointless, inaccurate cliches of "once you leave the ground, you're always going to get a card" (at least we've not had the one that starts with "you raise your hands...").

We've missed the fact that the English World Cup players actually have some skill, and can appear to demonstrate it when they can finally be bothered, i.e. when they're actually getting paid for it, rather than something pointless like, oh I don't know, representing their country on the world stage.

And yet, after the Liverpool-Arsenal match on Sunday, 606 was only dominated by people talking about Fabio Capello, England, and David Beckham. Capello is damned for not chucking out enough old players to make way for new blood, then damned for chucking out the oldest one who's currently very, very injured. Thanks, media, for building him up as the greatest England manager ever, then knocking him down as hard as you can, for the slightest of problems, the minute his team fails. It's not Lampard's fault he was completely anonymous (as always) except when singing the national anthem, or Rooney's fault that he was ineffective, nor that Barry couldn't have caught a cold, or Defoe's entire contribution to a tournament was scoring a goal, or that Green made one. single. mistake. Nono, it's Fabio's fault. Obviously.

We've not missed Andy Gray, though.

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