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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Best football news I've heard in months

Lampard and Terry are out of England's first Qualifying matches. They can play now for Chelsea, obviously, but are somehow too injured to play for England when the two week long international break comes around.


The lack of Lampard means that Gerrard will be able to play where he wants without restriction, while England won't have a Number 8 who only appears when we've got the ball in the opposition's box - i.e. never. It also rids us of perhaps the most arrogant defender we've had in decades, who somehow assumes he has a divine right to be Captain of the England national football team. Never mind that it is an honour to be picked, and that there are sixty million people who would be giving their right arm to be in his position, but unless he's Captain he doesn't seem to want to know.

The quicker the two of them are dropped from the Starting XI, the better.

Oh, and Rooney has finally scored, from the penalty spot, this weekend, for the first time since England were supposed to be good. Let's keep booing him and all the other twats, though, just to make sure.

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