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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Fabulous Flying 'Flings

Monty's Pie-a-thon Flying Circus, the new name for the Jiggly Jaguars, played two and won two this evening - which is noteworthy in of itself.

Firstly they called out Roy's "Bite yer Legz Huntaz" Orc team and, despite going behind to a First Half Touchdown by the Goblin known as Secret Agent Man (a.k.a. 'that little bastard') they pulled out a Turn 8 equaliser with a thrown team-mate play.

They started the second half with another TTM, going ahead 2-1. Admist the scoring chaos, two Black Orcs bit the dust and Secret Agent Man finally was injured after being pushed into the crowd.

As the Orcs stormed back in numbers to attempt their trademark, fairly un-Orky passing game, a plucky Halfling stepped up to intercept a pass, before legging it off for another Turn 8 Touchdown, with a riot then ending the game for 3-1 in the little guys' favour!

They kept with greenskin opponents for their second game, a grudge match against Paul's "Red Eye Renegades" Goblin team. Blood and bodies were flying around on both sides of the pitch, with each team suffering at least five casualties each by the end. Twice the Halflings scored on TTM plays, while the Gobbos ran in a touchdown. On the very, very last turn the Renegades tried a TTM of their own, but due to just one bad scatter roll, the plucky Gobbo ended up one square away from the endzone as the final whistle blew. So near, yet so far, and a 2-1 victory for the Halflings!

As good as those games were, though, I'm still sticking with my Arsenal-inspired "Dead and Gooners" Undead team in the Portal League!

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  1. Mate i let you win to be fair as you were upset about your undead losing but you still got to love the little fat flings..