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Friday, August 06, 2010

For the Love of the Game

This blog entry was going to be something crap about building a High Elf army, or something similar. But, thankfully, a discussion thread over at Ulthuan.net came to the rescue for a more-interesting topic.

Essentially, it was started by someone complaining that High Elves rely on one item (The Book of Hoeth) to make their armies unstoppable, and that every list seems to include it, or Teclis, or a Prince on a Star Dragon, because it's so powerful. That's just for High Elves.

The Lizardmen can do the Death Star build, Daemons do the Kairos + Horrors list, Dark Elves get their dual Hydras in, Empire use Karl Franz on a Dragon with two Steam Tanks... it goes on. And that's just a smattering of Warhammer. 40k is slightly better for '├╝ber' lists, but they're still prevalent. Blood Bowl, for instance, has very few near-perfect team set-ups, but the Orc build including 4 Black Orcs (lots of high strength) and 4 Blitzers (lots of Block) is probably the closest you can get.

It got me a-thinking (yeah, I bet you can smell the burning rubber from there) about the different aspects of Wargaming and the reasons why we play.

We play to win, of course, because otherwise what's the point in playing a game? That's true enough for anything, whether it be on the Xbox, the tabletop, down the pub or whatever. The question really lies in 'How much do you want to win the game?'.

If the answer is 'At all costs', then you probably shouldn't come and play me, on the off-chance that I beat you and your mother isn't around when you start crying.

Or, you can bring your Kairos and his invincible daemonhost, or a motley collection of useless troop types and fluffy elite choices, or a 9-skink Lizardmen team or even your eight Leman Russes in 1500 points build and - as long as you're not a being a twat about it - you can grind me into the dust. Or I could end up roflstomping you right back (yes, yes, unlikely but possible).

Do either of those, or anything in between, in a manner that makes me smile, enjoy my hobby and lead to a hearty handshake at the end, and you've got a pick-up-game opponent for life.

My armies and teams are built like a cake (stay with me on this one): I've spent the time sifting the ingredients and baking it together to suit my taste. A fun game is the icing, and a win is just the cherry.

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