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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Goalposts unavailable; jumpers sold off

I'm lucky having cable TV and not Sky, because that means I don't have to put up with Andy Gray's commentary, so-called analysis, atrocious bias and all-round waste of TV airtime. Thankfully, he doesn't subscribe to my blog, either, so he doesn't have to put up with my infernal ramblings either. It's a win-win imaginary relationship.

But lo, once more, did the football season begin in a storm of "well, England were shit at the World Cup, which seems like it ended years ago, so here's some more football".

As Javier Hernandez continued his excellent form of the World Cup to trip over, have the ball hit him in the face and still score to make it 2-0, we heard England players being booed, Boro slipping up and Macclesfield drawing with newly-promoted Stevenage. Leicester lost, too. But then again, that's just Leicester.

In this least-auspicious of opening weekends - where we see all the new kits that immediately look horrible but by the end of the season we won't really notice quite how bad they are (Watford pretending to be Milan in their away kit, anyone? Man Utd going retro, again, and getting it horribly wrong, again) - there were actually some very bad moments. Cardiff could only manage to find four substitutes for their match against Sheffield United thanks to atrocious financial management that failed to get them up to the Premier League. Portsmouth, fielding pretty much their entire squad, only managed a similar number in their loss to the C.O.V. after atrocious financial management that failed to keep them in the Premier League.

Football Clubs are certainly businesses, and businesses fail with a fair degree of regularity. Football Clubs, with all the spiritual connections to the community, passion of the fans, academies, community charity schemes and VIP lounges, are still just businesses which need to be run correctly. The Fit and Proper Person Test that Chairmen have to undertake obviously doesn't include questions about mortgages, repayments or profit/loss margins. Never mind anything to do with actually knowing something about football.

On a more comedic note, this sketch from That Mitchell & Webb Look. They mention Macclesfield and everything, while summing up everything bad about the hype and over-embellishment that Andy Gray and his ilk put out every year:

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