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Monday, August 02, 2010

The irony of this complaint is well noted

At the moment, there's just a little bit too much Kesha being blasted at my ears. Ke$ha. Whatever.

Yes, I have her album, Animal, which reminds me of Avril Lavigne's Let Go from 2002. Dear lord, was that eight years ago? Anyway, I'd quite happily describe both of those as 'not the worst albums in the world', in that I quite like them.

There's something about the 'I'm doing pop but pretending not to' vibe that grabs me in both of them, whether it's electro-dance or teen punk rock, and a selection of listenable tunes in both.

Unfortunately, thanks to commercial radio that's just 'on' in the office as background, I'm bombarded with Kesha's autotuned and vocoder-infused voice about a dozen times a day. Whether it's one of her songs (her current single 'Your Love is My Drug' is being rinsed the most) or one of her collaborations (be it with 3OH3, Taio Cruz or Flo Rida) she appears to be on the radio 24/7.

Yes, I am aware that I'm bringing up Kesha, despite complaining she's having too much exposure. Perhaps it's justice for the girl who broke into (the artist formerly and now currently once more known as) Prince's house just to leave her demo tape to try and get him to produce her music. Perhaps it's just radio playlist compilers hearing something with the latest musical trend of massive Autotune, and wondering vaguely what songs T-Pain does other than guest on 'I'm on a Boat!', as they add it to the top of their charts.

The only song of hers I genuinely dislike is 'Stephen'. Partly because I know of several Stephens, none of whom I would recommend writing a love song to, and partly because I absolutely hate songs which are all about "I'm completely in love with someone who doesn't know I exist, LOL j/k I'm actually pathetic!".

There are only so many times, too, that I can hear her chuckle 'I like your beard' and be forced to recall the accompanying amateur-hour video with gormless, beardy, vacant male model in tow.

I think I'm going to go and clean my teeth with some bourbon instead.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2dPA2dCRNY

    Orkland Raiders.

  2. Makes sense, considering they're apparently quite good friends. They've both featured on 3OH3's tracks, for instance. Girls share everything, right? So beats is nothing new.

  3. Orkland Raiders3 August 2010 at 11:56

    Also Benny Blanco and Dr Luke wrote / produced both tracks.