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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Portal Service Announcement, brought to you by Ulthuan Express

One evening and nine sign-ups already, with just another three required to make the maximum twelve.

My Undead, Roy's Orcs, Dan's Skaven, Stuart's Wood Elves, Andy's Dwarves, Tom's Necromantic, Tims' Norse (or Lizardmen), Adi's Orcs (or Humans) and Ben's Vampires are all officially signed up to play in Season One!

In two more weeks' worth of sign-ups, all we need are either one or three more teams so we can get going on the 1st of September. On the cards, of course, are Paul's Goblins and one of Phil's myriad of teams. Harry's Wood Elves? Rob's Humans (or Ogres)? The final few teams have yet to sign up!

With 10 teams, we'll run two divisions of five teams each. With 12 teams, we'll run three divisions of four teams each. There will be fabulous inter-divisional play, too, seeing every team play five games each. Top two teams in each Division (and a couple of third-place teams with the best records, if we have 3 divisions) will go to the simple, knockout-type Play-Offs.

You can find the League extra-rules thingy we'll be using as a simple jpg file by clicking here. Download the official Competition Rules Pack (that we'll be using for the PWCBBL) from the Games Workshop site itself by clicking here, too.

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