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Monday, August 09, 2010

Schemes, teams, themes, rhymes and dreams

This week, I are been mostly experimenting with some paint schemes on some cheap Swordmasters I picked up on ebay.

High Elves being in the new Island of Blood boxed set later on this year is a lovely bonus for any potential High Elf collector, and with lots of plastic models that Skaven, and other, players will want to get rid of to ease the cost of an entire starter set, there will be plenty of Swordmasters and Lothern Sea Guard knocking about the place.

Which is fine by me, as you know, because Swordmasters are the bestest. They're what really drew me to High Elves even as far back as 4th Edition.

4th Edition High Elves had a lovely white theme to them, with red as their accent, or rather trim, colour. More recent editions have them in a predominately white and blue number. I don't particularly want to copy either for the Elves I'm looking to paint, though.

I have High Elves in mind for my next Blood Bowl team. Not in time for the Portal Wargaming Club Blood Bowl League, for which Sign-ups start officially in two days time, where I'll be playing the Dead and Gooners Arsenal-themed team, but we'll see about Season Two. I've proxied Roy's 'Pro' Elves models as High Elves for a couple of games, and I'm loving them so far as a fairly speedy, well-armoured, Agility 4 team with Strength 3 catchers.

As with my Paravon Eagles Human/Bretonnian team, I'm going to go for an NFL theme. For this case, with my Saphery leanings, who better to come up with than the Saphery Seahawks? Then comes the colour scheme. The Seattle Seahawks play in a fairly dull dark blue/grey colour, which is not my style at all. My GW obsession comes from the early 90s, where everything was BRIGHTER AND MORE VIVID, not the mush of high-quality brown and grey that the last set of Golden Demon winners appear to be. So, instead of that, I'm going for a turquoise-teal colour, nice and bright, somewhere right down the middle between blue and green, where the arguments start.

So, with my newly-acquired Swordmasters in tow, I embarked upon some colour scheme experiments. With the Swordmasters themselves being individual agents of the Loremasters of Hoeth, I never really figured them to fight as a unit in identical uniforms. They'd be more like Samurai, each with their own fighting style as individual as a signature, with their own sword, armour, and personally-coloured robes. They won't be a riot of colour, some sort of Rainbow Guard, but they will have, as a unit, a far more expansive palette than the rest of the army. My test model, who's very image illustrates this post,is roughly what I want the army to look like. White, turquoise, silver and gold are what I'm aiming for, with accent gems and sashes of red and yellow.

It should translate quite nicely to the High Elf Team, eventually, to end up with a Saphery-themed High Elf army, brought to the old world via the decks of Lothern Sea Guard-manned Eagleships and Hawkships, bringing with them a Blood Bowl team for shits and giggles.

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