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Thursday, August 19, 2010

September the 1st... Erm.. BB-Day

The Portal Wargaming Club Blood Bowl League now has the maximum 12 sign-ups for the first season with Phil, Harry and Damo taking the last three spaces.

The tough decision I have to make once I've drawn the three groups of four is how to seed each Coach. Who am I, for instance, to tell one Coach he's better or worse than another player? So, for Season One, the seeding system will be a combination of:

  • How well I've seen the Coach play (either against me, or watching their games)
  • What team they're using (be as good as you like, but if you're using Halflings you've got less of a chance of winning)
  • How much game experience they've had - Length of time they've been actively playing the game, competing in tournaments, the previous Open League, amount of time playing the Cyanide or FUMBBL games, etc.

Next week at Portal will be the random Group Draw, and announcement of the Schedule, with the first matches of the Portal League being able to be played the very next week!

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