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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summoning the team...

I painted up my Undead team with an Arsenal theme in mind - they're all standing still with one hand in the air, after all - and finally settled on 'Dead and Gooners' as the team name. So, finally, comes the logo and the player names themselves.

There's no back-story quite yet, but I like the thought of a Skeletal groundsman spending the eternity of his un-death pushing a mower up and down the pitch in order to make it a perfect Blood Bowl field, with the occasional zombie hand bursting forth through the ground to ruin his bowling-green grass. Oh, and of course all the games that get played on it, of course.

Anyway the team, with no points for the football-minded amongst you guessing the individual's inspiration, is:

1. David Yorksherman (Zombie)
2. Scamperly Dickson (Skeleton)
3. Cashley Coal (Ghoul)
4. Patrik Verde (Wight)
5. Colin Shambles (Mummy)
6. Antonio Abbadons (Mummy)
7. Superbo Pirouettes (Ghoul)
8. Ian Wightwightwight (Wight)
9. Nicholas Le Sulka (Ghoul)
10. Liam Dready (Skeleton)
12. Niggling Splinterburn (Zombie)
14. Thierribly Hungry (Ghoul)

All those players add up to 860,000 gold pieces, which then gives me three Re-Rolls and 30k to throw around the place, which I'm spending on Fan Factor.

My schedule is as follows:
Ben and his Vampires
Dan and his Skaven - the Dread Bakers Dozen
Stu and his Wood Elves
Phil and his Lizardmen - Leela's Lizards
Roy and his Orcs - the Bitez Yer Legz Huntaz

A jack-of-all-trades team first, followed by two fast, scoring types (who break easily, of course) and then two slower, hitty types - though the skinks on the Lizardman team are particularly squishy if I can lay some unearthed hands on them. It'll be a great set of games to play against some awesome opponents, and if I can scrape three wins and a draw I'll be a happy bunny indeed, as that will probably be enough put me into the play-offs.

Hopefully I won't be having to yell 'ARSE!' too many times when rolling dice, but you never know.

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