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Monday, August 23, 2010

T-Pain's got the X-Factor

Watching the new series of the X-Factor on Sunday's re-run, it sounded to me like contestant Gamu Nhengu (right) either had a very strange voice, or had been autotuned in post. Now the show's producers have, after the obligatory storm in the online tea cup, admitted to editing what we see and hear to provide the 'most entertaining experience possible'.

Well, duh.

Playing around with continuity has never been a problem for them in the past: inserting a shot of the contestant looking extremely nervous when, from the wider 'live' angles, they are standing in a different pose, or playing around with what expressions the judges are making and exactly when they're doing them.

The auditions are my favourite part of the show, as you see the meek, the frail and the deluded attempting to validate their pointless existence and be accepted by humanity as the superstars they really think they are.

"I really want this. It's been my dream forever. I want to be a star. I've worked so hard. I've given it my heart and soul. I want this so much. I couldn't have done any more." Yeah? Well, you're still a charisma-vacuum with the voice of a gargling donkey, my friend, so go home and stay there.

Autotuning a few bum notes is disappointing (mostly because it was done so badly we actually noticed it), but it doesn't really matter to me in these pre-recorded clips, as I'm not watching the auditions for the fabulous voices and entertainers. Give me less sob stories and more singers, of every level of quality.

Failing that, Lions Vs Christians would work as a taster for the main event of Gladiators.

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