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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Got Block?

Matchday One of the Portal Wargaming Club Blood Bowl League began last night, with eight teams taking to the field in their opening matches.

Dan's Skaven defeated Damo's Humans 4-1. Notable for massive carnage, an Ogre being sent off for fouling, and not one but two strength boosts post-match! Dan's new Strength 3 Gutter Runner has two touchdowns to his name, and surely must die!

Tim's Norse and Tom's Necromantic nearly fought themselves to a 0-0 draw, but after taking eight Necro players off the board, Tim managed to crawl his way to a 1-0 win.

My Undead squared off against Ben's Vampires, and things didn't look good for the Vamps when the first Undead block of the match killed a thrall! Go Mummies! Star Ghoul Thierribly Hungry scored twice in a 2-0 win, though Ben was just one. single. square. away from pulling back to 2-1 at the (un)death.

Phil's Lizards were defeated 1-0 by Paul's Gobbos, cursed by bad luck as Skinks bit the dust and the Goblin Pogoer bounced in for the Touchdown.

Other MD1 games, featuring Roy's Orcs v Stu's Wood Elves and Harry's Wood Elves vs Andy's Dwarves, are still to be played. With Andy being away for a couple of weeks, followed by Phil on a fortnight holiday of his own, the Fry Division will start slowly, but is sure to end with a bang. An online collection of all the team sheets, results, skill-ups and other bits are on their way, too, once I've sorted the various technical issues.

The atmosphere was brilliant downstairs, with all our matches and various interested onlookers. Hopefully we can keep that energy and enthusiasm going all the way to the Final of the first Portal Bowl!

Planned for next week: Monsterpocalypse Fatal Four Way!

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