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Thursday, September 09, 2010

It's a Dice Game

When they're hot, they're hot. When they're not... well, you don't do very well. When one player is getting the good luck and the other only gets the bad, then it can end up being a slaughter.

This is how it was with my second match, last night, in the PWCBBL. Dan is a very competent coach with his Skaven, and his victory in the small Resurrection tournament we played before our last open league was testament to that. The key to his game is, generally, optimum usage of his three Gutter Runners with some ruthless scheming - this fits the Skaven character perfectly, as the stars run around getting all the glory while the expendable linemen simply become fodder and take the hits.

Unfortunately, all of his team got hit last night, mostly by trucks in the shape of my two Mummies. Despite the 2-0 scoreline in my favour, the casualty side-line of 6-0 in my favour said it all. Two Gutter Runners were Seriously Injured and the third has picked up a Niggling Injury, with all three of them missing Dan's next game, against Tom's Necromantic team. Three linemen joined them in the Dead & Injured Box, too, as a terrible combination of Blocks, Crowd Surfing and Going For It failures. The Thrower was KO'd, not coming back for the entire second half (despite two attempts) and was quickly joined by two linemen, leaving him only two players to set up on the final turn of the match.

The battering that was handed out to him, however, wasn't just because of Mummies with Mighty Blow, nor Skaven with Armour 7 (or even a combination); it was just because of dice rolls. When his players hit the deck, I invariably rolled 8s and above (only needing an average 7 in the case of Mummies). By comparison, when Dan got an 8 to try and break my players' armour, he was only injuring Skeletons and Ghouls. So, not only did a lot of rats get a face full of turf, but they tended to stay down for another turn, or worse.

That's only from rolling 2D6 armour and injury rolls, too, as his general dodge rolls came up with 1s and 2s with alarming regularity. All I ever rolled for, bar blocking, was a GFI here and there, with only a couple of ball pick-ups.

Had our luck with the dice been the other way around, he could quite easily have waltzed through for two or three Touchdowns to no reply. As it was, his star players (one Gutter Runner with Block, another with Strength 3) had no answer to just generally having the crap beaten out of them. One they were off the pitch, his speed and agility advantage was negated, and the real pounding and grinding game that the Undead do very well could begin.

You can be as good a coach as there is in the world, but if the dice aren't with you, there's not a lot you can do about it bar trying to mitigate the damage they'll cause.  We'd built up that game as a clash of the titans, with both of us as potential League winners, but on the night the dice deserted him.

Which is why he got a consoling hug as well as a handshake at the end, the poor, depressed ginger that he was.


  1. Wow Sounds Good Did Any Other Games Happen? Got A Box On Order From G.W

  2. Roy's Ocs beat out Stu's Humans in their first match in a little nail-biter that looked to be a 1-1 draw until the Orc thrower pulled out a (typically, for Roy) long pass to a blitzer to score in the endzone and win the game.

    What team did you (whoever you are!) go for?