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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monkey see, monkey want

I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd want a smartphone of one make or another. Dreams of an iPhone were quickly dashed by choking on my own rage at the price of the damn thing, so there will be no triple crown of iMac, iPod and iPhone for iMe. Blackberrys, too, are right out. Just because.

Apparently, according to the real tech nerds who know these sort of thing, the HTC Desire is a damn good phone. So, my fiancĂ©e goes and gets herself one, fairly cheaply, too.

All I can say is that it's very cool, and very clever. Sometimes it's even a little too clever, going beyond what you want from it. Adding everyone from your Facebook account who has put their mobile number on public display to your phone contacts, for instance (soon remedied, however, by choosing the Facebook for Sense option, rather than just Facebook).

Touchy-feely, tons of cool options and things to link it with, and lots of lovely little touches that remind me of Apple software, in that it makes you go "wow, someone's actually thought about this|!"

And I want one.


  1. Desire HD and Desire Z should be being announced tomorrow.

  2. The HD isn't really a major concern for me, as the phone is already big enough without upgrading the screen to over 4 inches, while the Z's addition of a physical QWERTY keyboard doesn't bother me too much, either, as the touch-screen keyboard worked perfectly for me first time out.

    I'd expected to make all sorts of errors typing a POP3 address as my first attempt at typing on it, but not a single typo resulted.

    Plus I want it now, to the extent I'll be badgering O2 later to try and get me a good deal.