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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Nostalgia through youtube-tinted specs

Ah, the eighties. As much as they were the decade that taste forgot, they did have some awesome kids' cartoon shows, which were totally awesome in the sense that I was a kid at the time.

My reason for the nostalgia is that for my newly collected and painted-up High Elf team, I decided to go with some Lion-based names for the Catchers (who were, originally, called Lion Warriors). Taking my inspiration (i.e. copying) from fiction for those, I thought of Leoric (of Visionaries), and then Lion-O, from Thundercats.

Two down, two to go. The fact I'd chosen two characters from 80s kids' cartoon shows, however, got me thinking. A bit of googling and a bit of youtubing later and my trip through time to a near-forgotten past was complete with theme tunes and opening intros a-plenty.

My final team list included names ripped from Silverhawks, Duck Tales, Bravestarr (pictured, with sidekick Thirty/Thirty), Batfink, Visionaries, Thundercats, Flash Gordon, Transformers, MASK, Action Force, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Ulysses 31, Dino-Riders, TMNT, Danger Mouse and Pole Position.

That barely begins to scratch the cartoon surface, though, with classics like Centurions, Spiral Zone, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Samurai Pizza Cats, He-Man, Count Duckula, Trap Door, Dennis, Heathcliffe, Galaxy Rangers, Go-bots, Defenders of the Earth, Thunderbirds 2086, Inspector Gadget, Ghostbusters, Terrahawks... and yes, I can remember all the theme tunes for every single one of them.

Yes, I watched a lot of cartoons as a child, which probably explains something. And I also watched a lot of youtube last night, too. Doing a Google Image search for 'Thirty Thirty Bravestarr' - without a SafeSearch, of course - proves that Rule 34 is in effect yet again. Goddamn furries.

The other two High Elf Catchers, by the way, ended up being called Prince Thun (from Flash Gordon) and Razorclaw (from Transformers). The newly named Caledor Cartoon Club even won their first official match, 2-1, over Roy's Dark Elves.

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