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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Euroskeptic for another 2 years

I like the Ryder Cup, and blame my parents for it. They'd never watch Golf usually, but would be glued to the Ryder Cup coverage when it came around every other year.

Thankfully, people who like golf every other time it's on realise that the Ryder Cup is the one event that non-golf fans will watch. I won't pretend to know who the hell Rory McIlroy (pictured) is, but he's looks like a Hobbit who's missed a few second breakfasts. Crucially, he's playing for Europe, rather than Britain, or Northern Ireland.

Like many people, I'm only European when the Ryder Cup is on. It's not just the American-bashing that we get to revel in, uniting ancient foes against a common sporting enemy, but also the sense of togetherness. Nowhere else in the country would you find jubilant chants of "Europe! Europe!" (more like "You-rup!", but never mind) from sane-minded Englishmen. And Welshmen, Scots and No'rn Irish. Not to mention everyone else on the continent.

It's one of the times when you realise that, really, we're all the same. Not that being foreign is a crime, of course - as it's just all a tragic accident of geography - but my travels around this globe, from the New World in the west to the Far East, er, in the east, as well as the liberal smattering of foreigners I've met from all corners of the world, have taught me something (a few things, actually, but there's on that's relevant to this post):

We're all the same, we just do things differently.

That and, for one weekend every two years, golf is actually not the best way to spoil a good walk. Sorry, Winston.

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