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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finding the Inspiration

The RPing bug hasn't bitten me in a while over at nationstates.net, but various ideas that have been swirling around in my head are starting to form together into something that I can start exploring with a post or two. Far too many ideas to be able to merge into one, of course, so I'll have to drop some for another time.

The day-to-day grind of football results simply isn't interesting to RP any more. I've been doing it on and off - mostly on - for the last six years (Starblaydia itself celebrates its 7th in-game anniversary on April 5th) and there are only so many ways to play out a scoreline, and so many times that you can elaborate on quite how a particular goal was scored, or tackle was punished.

Developing characters, storylines, the myths and legends of the future along the way is far more interesting to me. Unfortunately, though, it is a far harder task to get all that going. Some of it comes around very naturally, some are shoehorned into fitting where they don't belong, while others develop a life of their own without me going anywhere near them, so I can use them later on.

To keep my opponents going with RPs about my team, however, I need to do the hard part and create a World Cup squad each time. Aging 4 years per cup, like in real life, makes this the big creative drain on me every few months, as 23 names, clubs and positions need to be figured out. Once they're done, though, I can let myself loose on tales the like of which have never been read before.


Either that, or I'll not RP at all, scrape through the Qualifiers and get flattened in the Finals, watching my rank drop yet further, then not making it to the World Cup at all, at which point I'll either be spurred on into trying again and making it another record-breaking (or by that time, more like record-equalling) 6th world title, or just giving up entirely. I've written a little too much history to let that happen, though.

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