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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Now with 33% of Results

Tim's Norse putting four past Damo's Humans was the game that meant we're more than a third of the way through the regular season of the first Portal Wargaming Club Blood Bowl League.

The Griffin Division looks like it's going to be a shoot-out between Tim's Norse and Dan's Skaven, with Tim having the edge after I battered the ratmen and took out all of their Gutter Runners with serious injuries.

Simpson Division, too, has a shoot-out between myself and Roy, with both teams on Played 2, Won 2 records. Our final match of Divisional play is against each other, and in addition to everything that's on the line already - has the Padawan got to the stage where he can beat the Jedi Knight competitively? - and subsequent glory and bragging rights, the fate of the Simpson Divisional Champion may well be on the line.

Fry Division looks far more complicated at this stage, as their games were weighted towards the end of the schedule, and only Harry's Wood Elves and Paul's Gobbos have played more than one match, having a win and a loss each. Andy's Dwarves look like they're able to take this Division's top spot, but both they and Phil's Lizardmen have only played the one game, meaning anything can happen.

Who would go through right now? Tim, Dan, me, Roy, Andy and Harry as the top two in each Division, while Paul and Ben's Vampires would sneak through as the two runners-up with the best records.

The final Matchday 2 game between Tom's Necromantic and Stu's Humans should be completed on Wednesday, which means the Dead and Gooners will be soon re-taking the pitch to face Stu in our Matchday 3 game. Once we're in the home stretch, this is going to get intense, like a double-rainbow.

And then we'll play the Knock-outs...

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