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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where's Roo Off To?

Frankly, I don't care.

Funny way to start a blog, though, declaring a non-interest in a subject that I proceed to talk about.

As long as wherever he goes, he ends up playing properly for England at whatever the next tournament we somehow manage to qualify for, then I'll be happy.

Manchester City will be on alert, as a player with excellent FM ratings is wanting to leave his club. Barcelona, too, will be pricking up their ears at the thought of yet another Nike-sponsored player coming to their ranks. Chelsea are already prowling around and Mourinho has said he wants Rooney at Real, too. While even droppy chops at Spurs has stated his interest in him. Of course, being English, Daniel Levy will try and buy him, but he's probably worth more than White Hart Lane.

Turning £100M of operating profit into an £86M loss through paying off debts is no way to run a business, and United only made a £40M profit last year because they sold Ronaldo for £80M. So, essentially, their losses thanks to that debt have doubled since last year.

They're not quite in the pre-NESV Liverpool situation yet, where one of Hicks/Gillett was defaulting on his £150M loan repayment date, but They way debt has been artificially created at United with the Glazer takeover (at least that was outlined from the start, Hicks/Gillett specifically said that there was no debt in the club, just like NESV have said) is worrying, at best.

The season Liverpool are currently having, however, is something I'd really like to pretend isn't happening.

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