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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Insomniac Cricket Fans Rejoice

As it's over a week since my last post, the title 'well, that was short' wasn't meant to reflect the longevity of the blog itself, but the Haye/Harrison fight.

Thankfully, though, the next big sporting clash will take up to twenty-five days. Let's hope it's not a draw, eh?

In fact, scratch that, I wouldn't mind a draw, as we can still retain the Ashes that way. Like the Ryder Cup, you've got to actually win the thing.

As bad as the Aussies have been of late, everything points to them upping their game against England - simply because they have to. At no point will any Australian side, in any sport, simply roll over and let a better England team (which we finally are at the moment) beat them. The fact the series is going to be played in Australia only increases that desire further.

Andrew Strauss' England are desperately trying to down-play the Aussie's current form and England's current test match ranking superiority over them, as there's nothing more Ponting's boys would like to do than overturn the situation and rub our collective arrogant noses in it.

A well-balanced Australian, as the saying goes, has a chip on both shoulders. I can deal with that, as long as we don't have to watch scenes of Ricky Ponting lifting that little urn in triumph. It'll be another good one to watch, assuming we're awake. If it goes like last time, with a 5-0 whitewash of a crappy England performance, then we'll be able to pretend it didn't happen because none of us were really watching.

If it goes like the 2003 Rugby World Cup, though, then we''ll all be setting the alarms for five am, just to make sure we were 'there' when we finally beat them down under.

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