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Monday, November 01, 2010

The theme is ITV are Crap

Rejoice, pagans, for the evil spirits stay away for another year, and there's no need to protect yourselves by mutilating squashes and root vegetables, or dressing up like a twat and asking strangers for sweets.

Saturday night was definitely one to sit in front of the TV as finally BBC and ITV bosses have realised that the X-Factor will always win the ratings battle if it is in the same time slot as Strictly Come Dancing. Now we're able to shout blanket criticisms at the TV for both singing and dancing, all from the comfort of our sofas, without needing to reach for the remote to channel-hop.

Being the Halloween weekend, of course, both programs went all-out to theme their shows around the various spooky and scary shenanigans that come with it.

For Strictly, this meant a pumpkin logo, pumpkin designs on the judge's scorecards, pumpkins and cobwebs all over the set, Halloween themed jokes and Halloween themed costumes (even for the band conductor), music and dance routines for everyone. Hilarity ensued on multiple occasions.

For X-Factor, this meant playing 'Thriller' a couple of times, some cheap 'lightning' flashes, and links to Halloween in the songs so tedious that they'd even make Radio 1's 'Comedy Dave' blush. The set design, dance routines in the background and even the slight touches to Halloween-esque outfits all looked like they were homemade. In keeping with X-Factor's other themes of the week (Heroes, Number Ones & Guilty Pleasures) it was completely pointless. So entertaining, in fact, I went and did the washing up.

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