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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament

This oughta be a good one.

Audley Harrison was someone we were all cheering for a decade ago as the lanky southpaw cleaned up in the Superheavyweight category of the Sydney Olympics, winning the Gold medal. A bright career was in prospect, but after beating a bunch of nobodies, he then started losing in America to a different bunch of nobodies.

David Haye, who's mouth is probably only slightly larger than his ability to hit things very hard, has given up being the monster hitter of the Cruiserweight division, and is now a tiny Heavyweight, somehow managing to beat the crap out of Ogres, Trolls and all manner of foul things.

The fact the two fighters used to be friends, way back when, makes the usual pre-fight hype a little more tetchy than usual. Nothing quite along the lines of Haye's taunting of Valuev, yet, but there's still 10 days to go before the fight in Manchester.

Having seen the way that Haye so very nearly put Valuev on his backside - one of those wobbly moments where a single well-aimed punch would have sent him falling all of his 7'2" down to the canvas - it's hard to bet against him, fighting a man who is slightly smaller and appeared, throughout his career, to hit with the force of a duvet full of kittens. "A-Force", indeed.

They're both arrogant, of course, and wouldn't be where they are today if they weren't. Audley Harrison seems to believe he's the good guy because he won Britain a gold medal, while David Haye switches between face and heel so fast it would make even a WWE booker's head spin. When he's not fighting, or when he's just won, he tries to be the golden boy of boxing. When he's building up to a fight, it's like he's actively trying to get people to dislike him.

At least, however, it's a fight happening in England, so there's no need to stay up to 3am on November the 13th just to try and listen to John Rawlins' awesome radio commentary. I'm predicting the Hayemaker to put Audrey on his backside, and finally put an end to Harrison's promotional train wreck.

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