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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well, that was short

A round of wafting air at each other, a round of Haye tickling Harrison, then a round of utter destruction.

Every time Haye even thought about throwing the faintest jab, Harrison flinched. When he finally landed a good punch - with Harrison yet to even throw one in anger - Harrison's legs wobbled immediately.

There was no way Audley would have got this fight against any other World Champion. Only because of the history between Haye and Harrison, as well as their shared nationality, was this fight even considered.

Harrison had a puncher's chance, they all said. Bruno, Lewis, etc, all said that Audley had a chance if he could land his supposedly-devastating left hand. The only problem was he never threw that hand, not a single hook or cross. Haye simply demolished him, barely even a warm-up for fighting one of the Klitschkos.

So, in summary, a complete mismatch which should be Harrison's last professional fight, and nothing more than a simple payday for Haye before he enters contract negotiations for a shot at one of the real targets.

Next time, Audley (if there even is a next time) try hitting the other guy once or twice. That's sorta the point in Boxing.

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