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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Why we love the iPlayer

Because, via the wonders of the internet, I can watch stuff like Blade Runner, online and for free.

A seminal 80s Sci-Fi film, which has influenced so many films, games and all sorts of other media since.

It's easy to see where the PC games of my youth like Syndicate and Beneath A Steel Sky - which were both excellent -  got their inspiration from. There's no gritty and realistic neo-noir future quite like (Sir) Ridley Scott's masterpiece, which is as old as I am.

Watched with today's eyes, though, it is certainly a slow-paced film. You have to stick with it in order for it to draw you in, but once you're in, the story of Deckard hunting the Replicants wraps you up in itself, and then you realise you're hooked on it.

I figure that (or rather follow the theory that) Deckard is, like Rachael, an unaware replicant himself - the Unicorn theme that runs through the film with his own dream, Gaff's origami figure and the contents of Sebastian's house - which makes the question "what makes a human?" a very interesting one indeed.

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