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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

But the Fire is so Delightful

Pretty scene, isn't it? That was out of my office window yesterday at lunchtime. I even had a wander around the village and it was beautiful. Massive great chunks of snow were falling gently from the sky and, wrapped up nice and warm, it was a lovely little walk.

The roads, at the time, were fine, even the little country ones that I have to traverse to get there and back. On the way home, though, once it had got dark and been snowing, it wasn't pretty at all.

Despite the major routes being perfectly fine and clear, the country roads were, frankly, shit. Not a great journey home by any means.

So today, waking up to snow falling from the sky and news on the radio of country roads being impassable, I'm not going to work this morning. We'll see if the sun and snowploughs can melt and shift enough to get a route for me by lunchtime, but at the minute I'm staying put.

Lucky I've brought home some editorial layout that I need to be getting on with, isn't it? Damn it.

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