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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Go Jump in a Lake

Yes, England have retained the Ashes. This is a good thing, because we haven't done it for some 24 years. To do it in Australia, too, is a doubly good thing. It proves that we're one of the best teams in the world at a sport we invented, of which the same can't be said for football.

What I like about Cricket, though, is the sportsmanship. When Ricky Ponting, Australia's captain, decided to question an Umpire's no-out decision in the Melbourne test, there was an appeal, a referral, and about minute's worth of conversation between Ponting, England Batsman Kevin Pietersen, and the umpire Aleem Dar.

In a sport such as football, in any game, a referee's decision is just as final, but is so much more open to the 'debate' of a bunch of athletic, overpaid chavs yelling and swearing at the ref. In cricket, one Australian's slightly animated chat with the official brings him a 40% match fee fine, and general tutting from around the world.

It was the Aussie commentator on Fivelive (which I believe was former Australia captain Ian Chappell) who, when talking about the chat between Ponting and Pietersen, said "If I was Pietersen, I'd tell him to go jump in a lake".  When, in football, would you hear the likes of Phil Thompson, Alan Shearer, etc, on the side of a player against their old team? That's sportsmanship, sadly lacking from a great deal of games.

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