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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Picking up our ball and take it home

We don't like Sepp Blatter (the President of FIFA), and he doesn't like us. It's a relationship that has stood the test of time, in that whenever he comes up with something ludicrous to 'improve' football, we tell him he's off his rocker. Then, whenever we try and do or change something ourselves, he laughs and calls us crazy Englanders.

Our World Cup bid for 2018 was a very, very good one. England are the only one of the four bidders who could hold a World Cup tomorrow. Well, perhaps not tomorrow, what with all the snow that we can't deal with, but you get the point.

Technically, we were the best - best stadiums, best transport, best infrastructure, etc. Commercially, we were the best and FIFA would have been richer for choosing us. Whichever of the 31 other nations who qualified for a tournament run by us would find their compatriots in our country. Every country would have support, no matter how rich or poor. Our legacy to global football would have been, by 2012, spending the same amount of money as FIFA itself on developing the global game.

Well, fuck you, FIFA. You're quite happy to take our money, to bask in the glory of our Premier League and our domination of the Champions League Knock-out rounds in recent years, but when it comes to giving us a helping hand, we get one vote from our own representative, and one vote from - probably - a Japanese guy who is Bobby Charlton's mate.

I don't want us to leave FIFA, nor recommend that we should. All we need to do is withdraw our cash from the footballing world, and keep it in England. See how well the global game develops without some hard-earned pounds sterling.

Russia will probably make a great World Cup host - they had a very good bid that seemingly revolved around the 'legacy' of "making Russia more interested in football". Wow, well done, what a shocker.

Don't even get me started on Qatar, though.

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  1. The Qatar bid is beyond ridiculous. I'd love to see a new nation host the Cup, but really, QATAR? Singapore even seems like a better bid in comparison. At least we know they could handle the crowds…