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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Well that was a busy month

What with one thing and another, December has been absolutely crazy.

The PWCBBL has moved onwards and upwards to our Quarter-Final stage, and thanks to a 2-0 down, 3-2 up AET victory over Tom's Necromantic 'Grave Robbers', my Undead team has moved into the Semis. All good there, and I think the League itself has gone pretty well. Major suggestions for next year include 'more pie' and 'a cup tournament before the next season', both of which seem like great ideas to me.

It's all gone mental in the world of the NationStates World Cup, too, as there were votes and nominations and Constitutional amendments aplenty, with me in the middle of it all once again. Some Mrs Merton-style heated debates sprang up over all sorts of things, which have hopefully settled down, giving us the 54th edition of the World Cup beginning early in 2011. There's also the small matter of eight or nine different candidates for the Presidency of the World Cup Committee, which again includes yours truly, the incumbent. Oh, and not to mention the 16th Di Bradini Cup going on with only minor delays this time.

Some fool also decided to try and get a me World Assembly Commendation for my Sports RPing work on NS, which is absolutely lovely, and I can only hope that the voting members of the WA see fit to vote yes on that. Even if they don't, it's nice enough already to have been considered for such a thing.

Away from text-based forum RPing onto MMORPGing, I've claimed my free 10 days of World of Warcraft:Cataclysm, too, and have finally been able to grind out a few remaining PvP battlegrounds to get my highest level character, Fyreskar, all the cool-looking - but ultimately useless - kit so he can wander around like the cock of the walk. He's even pictured, too. I'm not entirely impressed with the new playable Worgen race, though, but that's for another post.

December's Magazine has come and gone with more technical hitches than usual, while January's is half-done, the second half ready to be done the very first week of January 2011, like it or not. It'll be a little bit mental that week, so expect some venting and ranting at something around then.

Watching the news has also been fairly dull. The news: Snow. The sport: Canceled by snow. The travel: Don't, there's snow. The weather: Can you guess? Snow!

Work is over for the year, there's just Christmas and its related celebrations to sit back, relax and enjoy. Or fret, work, slave in the kitchen and generally tolerate as you get through them. Hopefully the former.