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Friday, December 31, 2010

Woeful Worgen and Grand Theft Gobbos

Something is rotten in the lands of Azeroth: Cataclysm's expansion races. As I mentioned previously, I've not been impressed with the Worgen and, since playing the starting quests, the Goblins either.

Dumping (or, rather, opening up the formerly closed area of) an expy Victorian London into Azeroth in the form of the walled city of Gilneas is bad enough. Filling it with Dick Van Dyke-esque mockney accents takes it too far. Then, once they've crossed the line (to them, the line is a dot) everyone is a werewolf. Worgen. Whatever.

Everyone dresses in black, you can gain a Top Hat as a quest reward before level 10, and the animations are god-awful, not to mention the Incredible Hulk pants. Perhaps the worst, thing, though, for people like me, is the roleplaying. When Death Knights came out, there were two problems: people who couldn't RP, and people who couldn't play, who both took on the DK as their trophy.

Now, at least, Worgen have only been taken up by people who can't RP. For years, certainly roleplayers have desperately tried to make their characters into Vampires, Werewolves, Dragonkin and the like, all with varying degrees of failure (and so ever rarely success).  Now, however, we have people wandering around as werewolves and muttering darkly about their 'curse'. That 'curse', of course, is some awesome new racial abilities.

Then there's the Goblins, who are, at least, on a par with Gnomes for comedy technician value. Unfortunately, the entire race seems to be a piss-take, and the opening level quests are essentially Rockstar:Azeroth's version of the game. Witness, also, a car to drive around in, picking up 3 of your mates to go and whack people who won't pay, followed by being the perfect host at a dinner party and beating off invaders on motorbikes.

Yes. It's true, WoW just jumped the shark. Happy New Year!

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