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Friday, January 07, 2011

Any Resolution Fails?

After seeing on Facebook that one of my friends has already broken a New Year's Resolution to not drink during January by having a beer with his lunch, there's one that I hope won't be broken.

In the world of NationStates, you will find all of internet humanity. As they (today's picture) say, because none of us are as cruel as all of us. Thankfully, among those, we also have the quick-witted comedy types as well as the trolls, hackers, whistle-blowers and anonyvangelists. Ok, that's a new word I just made up, but I like it. Anyways, in the thread that drafted my World Assembly Commendation, there was this post, which made me chuckle:
RECOGNIZING the Passing of the Resolution Commend Starblaydia,
NOTING that this resolution was passed on January 1,
REALIZING that as per the standard calender, January 1 is the first day of a new year,
AWARE that resolutions made during this time of year are called New Years Resolutions
KNOWING that nobody keeps their New Year Resolutions,
WANTING the Security Council to follow this tradition,
HEREBY REPEALS Commend Starblaydia.
How very appropriate, then, that I've already written the 'How to keep your New Year Resolutions' article for January's magazine. That'll keep the comedy repeal proposals at bay!

And (even better than that) it also provides a suitable bit of material to keep up my resolution challenge of putting up a blog post every day. As for actual resolutions of my own, that was simply to reign in the spending and save money. Era of austerity and all that, wedding in 2012 to pay for, and such.

Overnight, too, England hammered Australia again, making it three innings defeats for the boys in the baggy greens (or pinks, as they were on day three). For the non-cricket types, that means that in three games, England batted just once, and Australia couldn't even match England's score after two attempts.

Yup, we thrashed them that badly, and it's the first time the winning side has inflicted three innings defeats on the losers. Even in the dark days of the 90s, when England were appalling in comparison to Australia, they never beat us quite that badly over the course of each game. Records have tumbled in this series, all of them to do with England being awesome and Australia equally rubbish.

Looks like we've turned the tables on them, this time, and we'll see what happens when they come a-touring over here in 2013.  With many of the England team coming into their stride, and plenty of the Australian team on their way out (or already left), it'll be fingers crossed for another hiding for the colonials.

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