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Monday, January 03, 2011

Back to Work

After 11 consecutive days off for Christmas and the New Year, it's time to go back to work tomorrow.

I've been stuffing myself with turkey, turkey-based leftover dinners (broth, soup, sandwich, curry, pizza, etc) as well as good doses of Blood Bowl and World of Warcraft, all sorts of lovely chocolates and sweets, as well as movies (good and bad) and TV (mostly bad).

There's a single week do do all the adverts and customer editorial for the magazine. It's doable, definitely, with a bit of knuckling down. Many a phone call needs to be made, and advert tinkered with, over the next five working days.

Thankfully, the editorial 'homework' I gave myself - an article on keeping up New Year Resolutions, one on Valentine's Day and the Chinese New Year, one on Valentines Day recipes and also this month's competition - has all been completed. Just half of the Welcome Letter to write, a page of What's On entries to fill, and a front cover to choose.

Just that and a hundred or so adverts to get right. Along with everything else where a single mistake means the world can come crashing down around my ears.

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