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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

He was robbed, so he was

For once, I agree with Nick Cristiano Ronaldo.

And Wesley Sneijder, too, for what it's worth. Much better than some Turkish prick blasting the ball in from thirty yards.

Matty Burrows, who's 16-yard jumping backheel volley while facing away from goal didn't win the 'most beautiful goal' of the year award, certainly deserved his evening in the spotlight as a candidate amongst the likes of Messi, Nasri, Neymar, Robben Tshabalala and van Bronkhorst.

Based on all the other goals, there was nothing like as much artistry, deftness and quality of touch as the twenty-five year old striker displayed for his goal. He deserved to win it, and even Ronaldo and Sneijder (who have both scored some absolute crackers in their time) said so.

It's yet another example of why FIFA are rubbish. Give it to the Norn Irish boy, because that was a beauty. Take a bow, son, take a bow.

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