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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Not Too Bad

Doing a bit of editorial at home over the festive period really has helped with the first day back at work, so pretty much all I have to concentrate on now is Adverts for the rest of the week, with only little bits of editorial here and there.

Nice to know that of the two-score-and-more e-mails I sent out a week or so before Christmas, I had precisely three replies from advertisers. Not a great response, if I'm honest. Nice to know they appreciate me!

WoW-wise, I've managed to join my main character up with a new guild, who have all sorts of perks and people online at once, though I'm the only one of my level (now 74) running around, as everyone else is either capped at 85, in the 80s or  below 60. I'll surely get some help from somewhere, though, which is better than nothing. The sheer pleasure of just randomly chatting with guildmates, with no enforced RP rule constraints, is very enjoyable.

Would it be possible to make a post every day for all 365 days of 2011? Well, it's 4 down, 361 to go if I try that. It'll presumably mean writing about a lot of the boring everyday shit, rather than the occasional interesting shit, but it's a nice challenge to set myself.

Not a resolution, mind: a challenge.

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