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Sunday, January 02, 2011

P-P-P-Pick Up a Paladin

I was quite happily playing World of Warcraft, when one day, I fancied having a go at being one of those annoying Paladins you come up against quite often in PvP.

You know the ones.

The ones that can tank long enough to take whatever damage you can dish out, heal themselves and any helpers nearby, then cause enough damage to slay you outright anyway. Retriubtion Paladins.

Those buggers.

And, as amply demonstrated by the illustration, they can look pretty cool too. So I rolled a Pally (a Human female) on my server and went forth, smiting things. I gave her five gold and a pair of old Ruby Shades to be getting on with, and profession wise I picked Mining for the later Toughness boosts, and then Jewelcrafting, just to equip her with stat-boosting rings and necklaces early on.

Out I go into the world, and Elwynn Forest is largely as it was, with the quests generally only slightly tinkered with. Westfall has turned into one big CSI:Azeroth, while Darkshire has been littered with Worgen and Lakeshire/Redridge is a combination of Rambo and the A-Team (though much more fun for it). The Paladin, however, is very easy to use. In not-very-many days, she's up in the mid-20s of levels, with triple the amount of gold she started with to her name, as well as a near-as-dammit free mount.

What seems to be the real difference is Holy Power. Now, as well as the standard mana, certain attacks give you Holy Power charges (up to three) to distribute between healing and damage as and when you please, giving you three ways to cause damage, and two ways to heal yourself mid-fight. Everything seems much less hard with these abilities, and I've been anywhere between two and three levels higher than the mobs I was having to fight - taking down Level 11 Elite Hogger, for instance, as a solo Level 11 player, was not something I had been expecting. He used to need at least three people, back in the day, and I've not improved that much.

Paladins don't make it an easy game - it's too well balanced to be particularly easy anywhere - but they do make it easier. I have yet to take her PvPing, though, which should be good fun as always.

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