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Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Present that means Nothing and Everything

New Year's Day (Happy New Year, everyone) isn't, traditionally, a time for giving out presents, but at NationStates a number of timing coincidences have come about to give me what is, in game, an awesome present.

At about 5am UK time on 1/1/11, Starblaydia was commended by the NationStates World Assembly Security Council Resolution # 40, by 3,254 votes to 1,909.

The commendation itself doesn't actually do anything other than put a shiny little badge on my nation page. Conversely, it's not an achievement you can unlock by farming X, beating time Y or killing Z numbers of... whatever.

It's there because someone (Unibot, to be precise) thought I'd done enough cool stuff in my six years of RPing (or, rather, World Cup involvement) there to deserve a congratulatory nod. A couple of thousand other people, after reading Unibot's proposal, agreed. A thousand or so others disagreed, but hey, that's the point of a multi-layered Poli-Sci roleplaying game, they're entitled to vote however they like when it comes to commend a user they've never heard of because of an aspect of RPing that they've never come across.

Noting that without Starblaydia’s leadership, dedication, integrity and impartiality, the world would not be as united as it is today with the passions, spirit and sportspersonship of international sport,
Aww, nuts, well that just makes me go all warm and gooey inside. I have tried to make the World Cup a better place (for you and for me and the entire human race...), just so that we can keep playing our game-within-a-game that a good number of us enjoy.

Now let's hope that no-one tries to repeal it ;)

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