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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Shadow Hunters

Here's a neat little game, Shadow Hunters, that I played for the first time last night.

For 4-8 players, everyone is either a Shadow (evil Vampire/Werewolf type), Hunter, or Neutral (random human caught up in battle) but, crucially, you keep your identify secret.

As you travel, at random, around the six locations, you can end up drawing from one of three decks of cards (to heal, investigate who other characters are, or get weapons) and then attack any nearby players.

With 4 players, you have two Shadows and two Hunters - generally their win conditions are for the two from the other class to die. Not everyone's win conditions, however, are as simple. For one of the neutrals, your condition is to die first, for instance. As the number of players goes above five, the possibilities of who could be who suddenly multiply and it all gets very interesting and a great deal of fun.

The combination of secret identities, investigation, attacking and healing each other at random until you work out (or think you've worked out) who everyone else is, and then knowing who to kill off in order for you to fulfill your win condition, is a great one.

It's a simple game, quite quick, and I'm definitely up for playing it again the next time someone gets it out of their bag. The fact I somehow managed to win my first game has, of course, not biased my opinion in any way. Honest.

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