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Friday, January 14, 2011

Tridecaphobia: A Blog Too Far

So it was unlucky thirteen for my blog-a-day challenge for 2011. Ah well, now I suppose that I can blog for myself, when I want to, rather than when I feel obliged to. And, just because I want to, have a Green Lantern logo as the pic for this post, just because.

A bit like roleplaying on NationStates. The last couple of World Cups have seen me RP a little bit, but not a great deal. Most of my tilts at a record-extending sixth title haven't even had a team sheet attached to them, which surely is frustrating my opponents. Some of them, though, either get creative or get researching, and come up with a Starblaydi team all of their own, which I always find fascinating.

Thursday's lack of a blog post was probably down to a culmination of factors. Print deadline the day before, and the usual last-minute changes that happens around that time, when fresh eyes are applied to things I've been glaring at all month. It wasn't like I didn't have anything to blog about, either.

Wenesday night saw the last of the Quarter-Finals in the Portal Wargaming Club Blood Bowl League take place, with extra interest for me as I'd be playing the winner. It turns out that I'll be nursing my Semi against Phil and his Lizardmen, who corrupted my 100% record of victories with a 1-1 draw in our inter-divisional match. This time, though, there has to be a winner, and I resolve not to be greenstuffing bits for my Chaos Pact team while I'm playing him. Whoever wins will face Andy and his Dwarves, the Arse Time Bandits. 4 with Guard, 4 with Mighty Blow, 1 with a Strength upgrade and a Deathroller, too. Fabulous.

A couple of games of Shadow Hunters, too, on Wednesday night, with Tom, Damo, Jay, Dave, Rich, Stu and Ted. All eight players, rather than the 4 or 5 I've played with before, suddenly makes everything very, very complicated. But great fun, though!

My World of Warcraft warrior, Fyreskar, has also been progressing nicely. Very nicely, in fact, since I delved into WoW's many forums, blogs and general advice websites for how to actually play a Protection-specced warrior properly. Turns out I sort-of had the right idea in what abilities to use, and when, but had completely missed a couple of the awesome and crucial ones. Spamming Devastate, and the Sword & Board/Revenge activations that follow it up, for instance, as well as the use of Victory Rush, to heal me in a second fight immediately after killing the first enemy.

Rolling a quick warrior alt again to see the development, it seems that Victory Rush is now an ability available in the normal flow of things under level 10, which is why I hadn't noticed it before and didn't want to waste any Talent Points on boosting it.

Anyway, good ole' Fyreskar is now about 50% of his way through level 79, meaning that the magic 80 is definitely within sight. If I wasn't going around completing silly (but oh-so-lovely for an RPer with the rewards at the end) Argent Tournament daily quests in my lunch break (they fit nicely into less than an hour), I might well have dinged to that already, and be on my way to experience the new Cataclysm content. From then on, only 5 more levels 'til the cap of 85 and, some say, the real fun begins.

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