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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Final Countdown

Or, to ensure no big-haired 80s Euro synth-rock, more like the countdown to the final.

Andy's rolling Dwarf machine of death, the Arse Time Bandits, have loaded themselves up on Block, Tackle, Guard and Mighty Blow. They're like a spiked, bearded steamroller, grinding their way down the pitch to score.

Worse, too, is that they've brought an actual Deathroller to the party, too, making things even tougher for whoever their unfortunate opponent is.

Which is me.

The Dead and Gooners have remained Undead and Undefeated (ooh, that's quite catchy, actually. Think I'll use that if they win the League) through the season so far, with six wins and a single draw along their route to the final. The power of the Mummies, the speed of the Ghouls, the... roadblockyness of the Zombies.

Plus Chance from Three Di Block has heard of them, so that's all good.

As for the rest of the league, the winners of the Top Scorer, Thrower, Casualty-Inflicter, Player and Coach have all been set out, and I'm wondering if I can add in a Most Beaten Up and Most Open Defence category, but I'm figuring that Damo will win both of those, in addition to his Wooden Spoon. Best work them out first, and see if it applies to any other player before I make them. And, of course, go and buy the wooden spoon itself. Might have to be a spatula, though, we'll see what's in the supermarket.

We'll find out tonight who the top team is, though. Hopefully it'll be me!

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