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Monday, February 14, 2011

Have GW just chosen my next team?

So far, I have Humans, Halflings, Undead, High Elves and some work-in-progress Chaos Pact in my collection. Five of the twenty-four playable teams.

Ultimately, I'm certain I'll have the remaining nineteen of those in my collection, ready to pick up and play with any of them in a grand gesture of... whatever it is.

The easiest thing to do would be to pick up a couple of werewolves and several zombies in order to turn my Undead team into the eerily similar Necromantic. Flesh Golems are optional, as the mummies would be perfectly useful as them, but Necro are certainly the easiest.

And the most boring. Had Undead been removed from the game (along with High Elves, evidently Jervis Johnson hates my choices), Necro would be one of my teams for the spooky Undead theme. Back in the days when I still collected White Dwarf, the Undead and Tomb Kings fluff was my favourite. The days when they just dumped three or four pages of straight text into the magazine, with very little in the way of fabulous new model (buy this!) pictures to get in the way of a good story.

The only problem with the Tomb Kings (or Khemri, as they're termed for Blood Bowl) is the GW models. Awful. Completely awful. With Incoming: Tomb Kings, I can only hope that they'll be getting some sort of plastic kit that can make a decent set of four Tomb Guardians.

For regular skeletons, all I'll need is a Tomb Kings box of Skeletons. For Blitz-Ra and Thro-Ra models, the Anubis Blitzer/Safety models that Impact! produce will be great. For the Tomb Guardians? There's nothing I want to use for them, not even regular Undead Mummies. If I can find those four, then I'll have my next team.

Failing that, it'll be GW and Willy models to make up Orcs. Or lady Wood Elves.


  1. Hopefully the models get a well deserved overhaul

  2. The Skeletons I can just about accept - they're meant to be mindless Eygptian-inspired automatons. Whether the Blood Bowl specific models or simply a unit of Tomb King Skeleton Warriors converted up for the purpose, both seem to fit.

    Impact's Anubis models fit perfectly for the two specialist positions, I think, but it's just the Tomb Guardians - I hate hate hate the GW models and there's no real alternative that I can find that I like.

    Based on the two 'sneak pictures', the jury's definitely out on this one until the actual models turn up.