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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Many, Many Catchphrases

FINALLY... The Rock has come back to my TV screen.

Has it really been seven years since he left? The Rock was, and I imagine still is, a truly great wrestler, despite having the most showy electrifying finishing move since Scotty 2 Hotty's Worm - emphasis on the theatrics, followed by an elbow drop or backhand chop respectively.

No-one is better on the mic than the Rock. Chris Jericho comes close, but Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is the absolute master. He exudes personality with every single gesture, just as he did on Monday Night Raw - which I've only just got round to watching.

As an aside, Natalya Neidhart certainly should have won the Divas Championship that night, but now it's set up just perfectly for her to get her title back at Wrestlemania: I hope she gets it.

Anyway, as the host of Wrestlemania 27 he's bound to be all over the screen that evening, and probably getting involved in all sorts of matches - hopefully laying the smacketh down on John Cena, who never gets enough of a beating, in my view. Cena can try his five moves of doom, but a good Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow will stop all that random waving in front of his face.

Interesting how that, in a year's time, Wrestlemania 28 will take place in Miami, where The Rock went to University and is billed from. Chance of him picking up a title there after a year of pushing is pretty huge, no? Fingers crossed for that one.

What makes The Rock even more awesome, is his football allegiance (thanks only to a 1 in 92 chance draw, though, but let's gloss over that fact for a moment). Did you think Peoples Champ would be anything other than a Silkman? *beat* It doesn't matter what you think!

I just had to do that.

What's now incredibly weird, though, is that via the magic of Twitter, I can direct both The Rock and Natalya to this blog via a mention and a link. All it would take is for them to see it within the mass of mentions that the inevitably get from their thousands of followers every minute. Let's try it, though, as a random shot in the dark occasionally can come off.

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