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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Que Sera Sera...

...Whatever will be, will be,
We're off to a Blood Bowl tourney,
Que sera sera

So we're going to the NAF Championship in May. Nine of us from Portal will roll up for the five game, two-day tournament and I'm sure we're going to have a blast.

Which team will I take? Why, my Dead and Gooners of course! I considered my Humans, Halflings, High Elves and even my currently unpainted Chaos Pact team, but I simply couldn't see past the Undead. After having played them in the PWCBBL and got them to the Final (defeated, unfortunately), they play how I want them to play, with a good combination of bashy, expendable and skilled players to get the job done.

To celebrate that decision, and have them make an awesome impression on my opponents, I've been purchasing and modelling my own models for the Score, Turn and Re-Roll counters. Some pliers, glue and a strip of green stuff later, I have up to five re-rolls (the three I'm going to take plus both Brilliant Coaching and Cheering Fans ones). I've also got a hold of a cannon (to match their badge) and also a Necromancer coach.

Now all they need is a paint job, some basing, and they're good to go for a full team of rotting goodness.

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