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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Time to Play the Game

Move over Triple-H, as Double-H is in town. In this case it's my toon on Wrestler:Unstoppable a wrestling game on Facebook, called 'Homegrown Hero'.

I didn't really want to use the opening line from Triple-H's intro music, but it comes across better on text than something like 'If ya smmmeeeellllllllll...", or the various heavy guitar chords and breaking glass that accompanies some iconic wrestler entrances.

Either way, Unstoppable is a neat little game that is entirely PvP based, which is fairly neat for Facebook. Either via real-time 'Instamatches' against any opponent, where you have a total 2 minutes 30 seconds do perform all your moves (in a chess-clock style) before you're counted out, or via in-game challenges where anything up to a 7 day limit is enforced.

Starting at Level 1 with a limited move set, you progress with XP (per match) up to the point where you're 'performing' Atomic Drops, Spears, and other cool moves (of course you only ever get a static avatar, but this is free on FB after all). With Coins earned per match, or the obligatory FB game premium currency of 'Wrestler Bucks' you can customise your character almost endlessly.

Homegrown Hero is definitely in the "early 90s never died" camp, as you can see.

You can see that the game has been made by some real dedicated wrestling fans, as you can set whether your wrestler is a heel or a face, and even what type. Add to that entrance music from youtube (Creedence Clearwater, thankyou very much) and easy options to join companies, form stables, train your stats solo, or via friends for extra XP and boosts, as well as a great combat system of Hit Points, Momentum, Fatigue and move expertise... it all adds up to Unstoppable being a very good, and very social, game.

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