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Friday, February 04, 2011

What a Weekend in Prospect


This weekend we have Wales Vs England in the Six nations on Friday night, my two non-Premiership sides, Macclesfield and Bradford City, play on Saturday afternoon, Chelsea play Liverpool on Sunday afternoon, followed by the Superbowl on Sunday night. Not only that, but the F1 season is winding up again and, brilliant, Gary Neville has retired immediately from playing football.

I knew there would be a way to link to that picture of a celebrating Beckham, and the wannabe Musketeer who loves his best mate a little too much is the way to go about it.

Had he played for any other club, he still would have got on everyone's nerves. Playing for Manchester United, he stirred up pretty much pure hate from everyone who isn't a Man Utd fan (or is that just me being a bias Liverpool fan?). One thing is for sure, though, he was the best right back of his generation, and I never would have picked anyone else at Right Back for England over the last 20-ish years, fitness permitting.

Right, that's the niceness out of the way.

Torres has gone to a team who have, over the last ten years, won far more trophies than Liverpool. It's thanks to a multi-billionaire Russian Oligarch's money, of course, rather than based on any history or culture of achievement, but that's the situation, because the World Cup and European Championship winner wants to win stuff. Fair enough, because in return for his insane fee, we get to spend £8m and get two strikers in return.

Not a bad deal, considering that those two players are 1) England's next great striker hope and 2) one of the stand-out strikers of the World Cup, even before the handball. There aren't many strikers who played better than Luis Suarez in South Africa, and they're probably limited to his team-mate Diego Forlan, Asamoah Gyan and Miroslav Klose (not the overrated David Villa - as anyone playing in front of Xavi, Ineista, etc could score with that sort of service).

Hang on, that was fairly nice, too. So anyway, on to the Rugby. The Six Nations is, frankly, awesome. Every match really means something, and it teaches football a lesson that a Home Nations series over the summer, when there's not a World Cup or European Championship on, would be absolutely brilliant.

So much history, so much passion, and once again everyone just wants to play and beat England. Just because we're, y'know, historically better and all that, and they're all sick of us, turning up in our lovely white uniforms, declaring we're better than them, and more often than not proving it.

Whether it's Scotland at Football, Wales and Scotland at Rugby, Australia at Cricket, or any of a number of similar encounters, there's a simple message, that goes both ways.

We don't hate you, we in fact love you (more than) a little bit. We just want to beat you, that's all, because when it comes down to it, we're family. At least the Stereophonics agree with me.

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