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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Time Marches On

Earlier today I realised that the 'kids' of today, who were born up to ten years after me, can legally drink alcohol in this country. Anyone born before 1992 is allowed to grab a pint in a pub, or wherever.

I remember 1992, exploring the world of Games Workshop for the first time, the first year of the Premier League, etc - the babies born in that year surely aren't old enough to drink yet, right?

Because I'm... very nearly 29. An age which, for young people, is quite old. Near as dammit to the big three-oh. Certainly post-youth, with only the kindest of little old ladies referring to me as a young man.

Not entirely sure why this came to mind, but it probably has something to do with thinking up some ideas for my two immortal characters on Nationstates and attempting to figure out how they will be dealing with intense aging of their own.

Now get off my lawn.