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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back to Blood Bowl

As we gear up for the NAF Championship in early May, I've made sure that everyone who's going is getting back into the swing of playing Blood Bowl. We've got a mini tournament going on throughout April.

i am, of course, taking my Undead to the tournament, that's a no-brainer. Others have chosen their teams, while yet more are totally undecided. But the first week's results were:

Rich beat Grant 3-0
Paul beat Dan 3-2
Roy Beat Shorty 3-0*
Phil beat Me 1-0
Tom and Damo drew 1-1
Tim and Cabe drew 2-2
*Roy picked an ineligible skill for his Werewolf, so is docked 2x TDs.

So the next set of matches will see Rich v Paul, Grant V Dan, Roy v Phil, Me v Shorty, Tom v Tim and Damo v Cabe.

All very exciting, and perhaps I'll come up with something for the 'winner'. Team Captain, perhaps? I'll probably have to see who wins first before I decide on that, hehe.

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