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Monday, April 04, 2011

Face to the World

Oh, Wayne. Wayne, Wayne, Wayne. You do shame us so.

Yet again, irrelevant to the performance, "this generation's Gazza" proves that he's equally as big a fruit loop as the great blubbering Tynesider. Gazza's self-destructive element has been self-evident, while Rooney's only surfaces every, oh I dunno, couple of matches.

This is a man who can get booked in a Qualifier against Wales - for no reason other than his own petulance - when we're 2-0 up after 15 minutes and cruising as if it was 5-0.

This is a man who, after an absolutely abysmal team performance in the World Cup against Algeria (with the match finishing 0-0), decides that the booing fans - who had been loyally supporting them for the 90 minutes when it actually mattered - deserved a ticking off for their disloyalty. The very cheek of them, to boo him and his feted, millionaire teammates when they'd been playing worse than a hungover Sunday league team.

A man who, when 'celebrating' his hat trick in front of his own fans, feels it more appropriate to chuck a torrent of abuse at a cameraman on the sideline, rather than enjoy the fact his 14-minute hat-trick has just turned around a fairly poor 2-0 defeat into what would become a 4-2 victory.

There's no doubting his ability, energy and general football-playing prowess. He is also overly aggressive, petulant and arrogant, and despite a decent number of red and yellow cards (plus a good deal that he earned but didn't get - elbow at Wigan, anyone?) he doesn't seem to have the intelligence to learn from it. Probably because he has millions of pounds.

At least he's not as bad as John Terry, though.

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